Our world depends on oil and oil related products. To meet this demand, companies are relying heavily on their production. ValTek is partnering with a leader in pump part and fluid end manufacturing, Hamilton Manufacturing, who has produced over 30 years of quality parts for their customers.  By taking this legacy of superior work ethic and credible value, and combining it with the vision casting and faculties of ValTek, this puts you and your company in an incredible position.  At ValTek, we know we have been successful when we are the principal choice for our customers.

Our purpose is to create superior and sustainable value for our customers by providing reliable and effective pump parts to meet your high demand.  Through idea and innovation, ValTek concentrates on the following three strategic goals:

  1. Integrity, through ethically and honestly doing what we say we will do.
  2. Accountability, in achieving superior business results and stretching our capabilities.
  3. Initiative, by having the courage, creativity, and discipline to lead by example and shape the future.